guys meet my latest man crush



i don’t even remember the last time i fangirled over a western celebrity. but yes, he is good looking and talented as hell. that is all :D. going to meet mr yap for chem consultation tomorrow. hopefully i won’t feel like a lost duck :x.  i need to get back into the mood of jogging. I ran at a way faster pace then i usually would today so i am pretty proud of myself 😀 somehow I feel like I need to feel the pounding of my legs against the treadmill to feel satisfied. Why did the guy have to come into the gym halfway though. I was too awkward to continue working out so had to go home before i finished my routine zzz


I must be having fun withdrawal symptoms. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve something fun. (okay actually the last fun thing i did was the b.a.p concert, but y’know what they say, the days feel long). Somehow I’m really stoked about the buffet on monday. Like even more excited than I usually am. I picked out my outfit choices waaay too early. Something’s just really appealing about monday. Maybe it’s the promise of good food, good company and a good time. Idk, I’ll probably treat it as my last goodbye to freedom before the hell that is the A levels sets in. Also, to the scarce people that read my blog (LOL IS THERE EVEN ANYONE) y’all should read lullaby by chuck palahniuk cos it is freaking awesome. I am so in love with it