wow it’s like the vapid disappointment just seems to follow me around everywhere I go eh? Today’s tests were horrible, and that’s an understatement. Right up till the last half and hour of the paper, I was still contemplating if I should change my topic. The words just weren’t flowing right, I wasn’t expressing myself like I wanted and well, I was basically putting up something that I wasn’t even remotely proud of. Gdi I was seriously considering just setting it aside and failing the paper in order to sleep for the rest of the exam. 

There’s only one more paper left for the term. I can do this. I will persevere through the crappiest thing in my life as of now- aka chemistry, and I’ll make myself proud. 

I wonder if in some way, the way that I started to act in year 3 and 4, being too timid to ask questions will ultimately hinder me in the long run. whether I will ever become comfortable with voicing what I think and not being afraid to make mistakes 



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