What Does This Movie Mean? Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” (1985)

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Another entry on movie interpretation. If you haven’t seen Brazil, are planning to see it, and do not want the experience ruined for you, do not read past the jump. This essay is geared towards people who have seen the movie. Major plot points will be revealed, and minor plot points too. Proceed at your own risk.

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sometimes you just gotta slap a fake smile onto your face and soldier on. 


Been feeling so angsty recently.. it’s like all the bad news won’t stop coming. I’ve set myself goals for term 2 that I must achieve no matter what. I’ve even deleted the tumblr app on my phone just so that I won’t get sucked into that time vortex. Maybe I should delete my fic links as well… 

I was so sian yesterday that I kept snapping at everybody. I’m sorry shu chian it wasn’t your fault!! i was just feeling very crappy TT 

there’s this dread hanging over me everyday that I can’t get anywhere in the future and I’ll have to settle for some crappy life. Sigh. 

on that note, i shall go back to revising econs. I am determined not to disappoint myself any longer!