I don’t know if I’ve ever brought it up before, but the idea of leaving is one that has constantly appealed to me. Like dumping everything and running off somewhere. Once in a while, I’ll let myself bask in the idea that it is actually feasible to leave for a happier place, until I realize, oh, right I can’t. And the only reason why travel is so tempting is because I don’t actually live in that society with their standards. but hey, a girl can dream right?

Valentines day was on Friday, and well, obviously I would feel like complete shit. Good job trying to change the name to friendship( it’s not working HAHA) Idk why this year it seemed even more melancholic then other years. My mum said that I wouldn’t know since I’ve never ‘been on the other side of the fence’. But yeah, it still didn’t stop me from feeling sorry for myself when I saw couples walking around when I went outside. And listening to sad love songs was not helping my situation at all. whatever, when the time comes, it’ll come. Until then, I shall enjoy my current status quo. 

Oh and hyosung is so cute in that drama heehee, freaking girl crush on her 😀

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