Dreams Too Beautiful To Wake From

Mindless Productivity

I like dreams.

Dreams of success. Dreams of love. Dreams of being a hero. Dream of sex. Dreams of stepping into a secret world of wonder, adventure, and beauty.

I used to believe in dreams because I thought they would come true. And I thought that in coming true, they would be just like the fantasies I’d concocted.

Then I got older, and realized dreams don’t really come true like that. Dreams can come true, of course, but they’re no longer dreams, just another slice of reality. A tastier slice than usual, maybe, but still prone to the faults and shortcomings of all the rest.

So I said, “Screw dreams!” and decided to become a Rational Man. A Rational Man that didn’t go in for any of that nonsense because it isn’t true, it just isn’t true. And I became a bony-hearted, bitter-boned, cold-fingered, cynical-toothed Rational Man. And I was…

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