Cos you’re real like a mermaid’s toes

I’ve been listening to a playlist of chinese songs (i know, big surprise right?). When I first clicked play, I wasn’t really expecting much. Whenever I go actively search out chinese songs, they always seem to suck. So I was so surprised that the songs in this playlist somehow tugged at my heart in one or another.

Somehow they seem to capture a raw emotion that songs in other languages can’t seem to do. Okay, maybe it’s only the classics (as I’ve once heard them being referred to as) that have the ability to do that. Hopefully, this will be a successful first step into the foray of chinese music. I am quite out of touch with all things Chinese, which is something I kind of want to change. This is an utterly meaningless post,but oh well this is probably the most noteworthy thing that happened all day (besides the coffee date and doing meaningless crap for 2 hours for gp) 

can someone give me recommendations on songs HAHA. 



okay maybe I can make this post interesting after all by ranting. I feel like my eloquence level increases when I get angry but anyway I’m sidetracking. 

I think my class is publicly at war with another class. Like, the both classes are making their dislike for each other plain as day. But really? That thing today was such an immature thing to do.

First, our class came into the library first so why don’t you gtfo if you’re pissed off about the noise that we’re making?

Second, any organism with a brain can tell that we’re doing group work, are we supposed to communicate telepathically? 

Third, LOL THE LIBRARY IS F**KING EMPTY IF YOU CAN’T STAND US JUST MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE. Like the discussions rooms were free, you could have moved inside there to bitch about us or whatever. 

Yeah, so that class is ridiculous and I don’t really like most of the people inside anyway I totally do not feel bad for being ‘noisy’ 

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