Don’t care about reputation

Bitch did you just insult my class so publicly? You have a whole other thing coming if you think that you can insult the people in my class just because they are noisy/bimbotic/whatever crap you can think up of. people like you, who spend their days seething on the internet, and writing nasty little commentaries without having the guts to say it to our faces make me want to laugh. Really now? Your’e gonna loathe our class for making a horse with those boxes and the ang baos? GUESS WHAT? Do you know the number of classes I have seen since then that have been using the same idea??? yours looks ridiculous might I add, it’s chinese new year, not cartoon network.  

What is it? Are you jealous that we can have a good time even during lectures that are crappy as hell and you’re looking around thinking fml where are all the enjoyable people, i want to be let in on the party also… well boohoo little miss whiny. god, I can’t believe i used to think you were cool. 

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