Tell Me I’m A Wreck

It’s December 30th. There’s always something about this three days, 3oth, 31st and then 1st Jan that is melancholic. Maybe it’s because the fact that another year has gone by slams into my face, or just because school’s going to reopen in a few days time. I’m in a cafe near my house. Usually at the start of the holidays, there will be more students around. But today, it’s just me and a few adults. There’s less than 5 people here. Which is weird. I guess all the other students decided, fck it I’m not doing any more work till school reopens. 

But, well school is such a bitch. Making everyone scramble to prepare for tests during these last few days. I wish, sometimes that I could be one of those people who will just screw the tests and have a blast these few days. But I just can’t. I think it’s ingrained into me, that I have to ace each test (although things have been rough going these few months). 

And my parents call me a happy-go-lucky kid…. 

sidebar, I am craving udon very badly.someone be a kind soul and buy some for me.

yeap, incoherence is my middle name. Okay, back to (hopefully) productive work 

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