oh good I Remember (guess what, favorite ballad song doesn’t even have my favorite member in it, the irony…) and drinking warm water put me into a very nice state where i want to write. This two days have been filled with my family having an extra strong desire to get photographed, and well, since it’s a group shot obviously I have to be in it. And I can’t seem to stop looking like an ugly blob in any one of those photos. 

I don’t think it’s a problem with me being un-photogenic, it’s just I’m ugly. Simple as that. My eyes are too small and so is my mouth, but when I smile my face looks like a puffed up pastry. 

like literally out of all the people I’m friends with, I wonder why they would even talk to me gosh.

Pretty? nope.

Slim? nope.

Attractive personality? hell no. 

[and yes mum, i get it, i’m fat. there’s no need to bring it up all the time by talking about it in public. way to knock my self confidence a peg down.] so yes, tis the season to be jolly but meh i’m feeling so blue. 

yes yes this is me being an overly emotional first world kid. 

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