The Illusion of Self-Esteem

Thought Catalog

I was walking into my local taco joint for my weekly ritual of taking advantage of taco Tuesday before heading to night class. My Tuesday nights are always concluded with rock climbing, so I was in gym clothes, not trying to impress anyone at taco Tuesday, night class, or the rock climbing gym. As I walk up to the cashiers to claim my carry out, I hear a group of boys my age calling out, and quite conspicuously,

“Six…no, wait, seven!”
“No definitely a six.”
“Yeah, six.”

They were very obviously doing what many of us do, though I’d hope the majority is more discrete about it. They were rating a girl in the restaurant. I can say with almost complete certainty, based on timing and evident stares, that they were rating me. I was fuming. I was mortified. I was a whole host of negative emotions based on the…

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