6 Things I Learned My First Semester Of College

Thought Catalog

1. It’s OKAY to cry.

You will cry. Hard. You will cry in your cubby in the library, you will cry in your car, you will cry in your shower so your roommate doesn’t see you. Sometimes you may cry because of homesickness or bad grades, and sometimes you may cry for no reason at all. But it will happen, and when it does-let it. There is nothing better than shedding a few tears after a long day of classes and studying (while being hungover of course).

2. Not Everyone Was Raised the Same as You.

You will meet so many different kinds of people, from different places around the world. From different states, countries, cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Don’t expect everyone to be on the same page as you. Appreciate your background and learn to accept where others come from. Meeting new people and learning about others can be so beneficial…

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