Flashbulb Eyes

I have to get up at 5 tomorrow. Help me.

The holiday is half over! It’s been relatively more eventful then what my holidays would usually be like. Met the birthday twins WAY before the actual date and got presents from both of them (whoop whoop!) and then on my actual birthday itself B-to-B managed to surprise me with a cake at my doorstep. Okay tbh I was half expecting it, but when they came I had about 3 minutes to get myself ready and I was laughing so hard when they entered my house and I couldn’t even hold the cake properly oops. So yeah, my birthday did not suck for once. 

And what else have I been doing?.. work? That’s been relatively simple. I handle methodical tasks well I think, so it was easy for me to settle into the rhythm of plonking down the main dish, splitting the food into individual bowls, clearing the main dish and plates and replacing them with new ones. I’ll be going again tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that it’ll go smoothly xx

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