The Secret To Being Young And Stupid

Taking photos! I’ve been doing that a lot recently. These people, these moments suddenly seem a whole lot more important

Thought Catalog

Cut your friends hair. Do it around sunset, on a dock in Shawnigan Lake. Set up a chair on the edge and let the hair fall onto the lake like water spiders. Use dull scissors and your cell phone flash light. Say words like “texturize”, “frame” and “long-layers” because you know what you’re doing.

Have sex in your friend’s apartment. Do it while her roommate is out of town, in her roommate’s bed. You’ll wash the sheets. Your friend will be in her room having sex with someone too. Giggle when you can hear her through the butterfly thin walls. Lay beside the man in bed with you, correction: the boy. Let his weary fingertips scale up and down your leg as you pretend to sleep. Pretend he is your husband. Wake up in the morning with his arm around you and breathe in the velvet thick moisture of the…

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