The 3 Real Problems Of Our Youth

Thought Catalog

1. Instant gratification

You want something, it comes to you so quickly and effortlessly that it became necessary. You need information, you type something and it comes out, within seconds. Speeding things up did not help in making you a better person because what we have become is demanding, unappreciative and stupid.

Truth is if you want something, you probably have to go through some hardship before you get what’s worth it. Generally, anything that comes easy aren’t good stuff.

2. Validation

You post a photo up, and you expect likes and comments because you need people’s validation of “your good life”. You need people to tell you the clothes you wear are chic, the things you buy are trendy, the places you go to are cool. Why?

Truth is you don’t need a constant affirmation of what you eat, what you do, who you hang out with. You don’t need the…

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