Hit And Run

Some people need to work on their coherence level. You should have had plenty of time to type out that ask, rephrase it practically a million times, and yet the argument could be pulled down within 3 seconds flat. Dear anon, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. 

Entertainment for this pw period. I have never been more amused at some stranger in our level. 

In other news (that needs more brain cells), I have O.P. tomorrow, it’s 9:18 already and the news still hasn’t sunk in that it’s the A levels. I hope I won’t have a panic attack just before we present. I have confidence in my script.

I can do this. 

I wrote a short angst fanfiction today. Really unfortunate timing that my inspiration always hits me when I’m in a rush for time. But yeah, at least my creative writing skills are not moot yet. Can’t believe that entire few pages came from a single line of lyrics and yet at other times I can sit down with the most well written story line and give up after 3 sentence. 

I shall go back to studying questions. Hopefully the question will be something that we had prepared for.


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