It’s our first day of actual practice and people are already done with their O.P. I think this put us all in a very angst mood since we still have to make so many changes and yet other people are celebrating right in front of us. I mean, yes, good for you, you’re done, but can you be any less subtle about the fact that you’re free already? 

Anyway, our level has a lot of people that just suck in general. I’m not even kidding. One glance around our level and somehow I get pretty disgusted at the people that I have to share the same year of birth with. It’s pretty mean of me to say this, but I don;t regret it. Many of them have their heads stuck in the clouds anyway. I’m going to do work this year- as in actually getting money for myself. That’s a pretty daunting prospect. Hopefully it goes well. 

Time to return to O.P again sigh

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