The Boy Named Crow

I finished murakami’s kafka on the shore today. It feels like everybody’s read a book of his that it sounds almost cliche to be mentioning him. But anyway, it feels like from the way everyone is describing him, I was supposed to get some sort of revelation when I reached the end. It just ended up being question piled upon question. Maybe I’m too shallow to know the deeper meaning behind those words or something?

I should try and read it again when I’m older. Maybe I would have gotten smarter by then. 

Going off on a completely different tangent here but there’s been a lot of pretty mvs recently. I feel like even if the song doesn’t appeal to me I’ll just watch it because it’s so pleasing to the eyes. Gosh I want a new room so I can decorate it to my tastes..

Why is my head always filled with random things like this sigh. 

D-8 from pw. I can do this. Final lap. 

Yeah I really have nothing better to say.  

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