I’m very very good


(cos zelo is good looking as hell)

Today has been a mixed day of sorts, got the shocking news that our level was going to find out if we were promoted bright and early in the morning. Miraculously, I didn’t have to go to either one of the venues, which probably means that I’m safe, so that made me really happy. On the other hand, I feel very bad for people who had to find out practically the toughest news ( i would expect) in their lives up till now. 

It just felt so awkward trying to approach them later on in class, almost like there was already a clear divide between us. I suppose at this point in time it’s best to let things cool off and, well allow them to process the information on their own. I suck at giving advice anyway, I have no idea how to make a person feel remotely better at all. 

I felt that such a heavy weight had been lifted off from my shoulders. At least there was news, instead of leaving us hanging there. 

I’m pretty excited for next year, it’s going to fly by and then it’ll be on to a totally new chapter of my life, which I am looking forward to after 6 years of being in the same school. Here’s to a better life.

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