I realized something just now. In retrospect, I probably should have realized it a lot earlier considering that feeling has overwhelmed me a couple of times before. I think that I have abandonment issues. I will feel like crap if somebody doesn’t come when they are supposed to, or something happens and we can’t do something that we originally planned to, even though they have completely legitimate reasons. 

For example, cca. I bet for other people, if some of their cca mates don’t show up, they’ll be fine with it. I mean, the person obviously had something more important. For me, I think that I will rationalize why the person is not there, and yet I still have this very sad feeling- like some gaping hole in my chest. It’s been going on for a while now, and it finally hit me. The pain of being human. 

Did something that I wouldn’t usually even dare to in school just now. Had a mini karaoke session in the LT with the mic since it was only us 😀 

It’s really got me thinking how we can go out with a  bang, do something that’ll make us famous. But… it might seem like we’re copying. It has got to be something spectacular. 

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