10 Easy Steps To Throwing A Wildly Successful Pity Party

Thought Catalog

Sometimes, a pity party is just necessary.  Shit happens, you fall into a random funk, season’s change, etc.  Here is a quick guide to help you make the most out of your own personal pity party:

1. Guests

The guest list should be limited to you; only you.  Do not subject another human or even a pet to your self-wallowing behavior.  It’s not cool.  Just don’t do it.

2. Location

The ideal location is at your place of residence.  It should be empty.  Free of family members, significant others, and/or roommate(s).

If it is impossible to have the entire house or apartment to yourself shutting yourself in your bedroom should suffice.

It is possible to throw a short pity party in a public bathroom.  However, it is not recommended due to the increased risk of the party being crashed by uninvited person(s).

3. Atmosphere

Creating the atmosphere is the most…

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