To Get Out, Get Out Of Your Phone

Thought Catalog

I never read your airplane ticket Instagram. I don’t really care where you’re going. If the whole reason you’re going on a trip is to “get away” and be “less available”, then stop being so available and get away from your phone.

The act of staring at a 568×320 pixel screen in a room of friends is almost the same as being inside your phone. In your phone, friends are just 2D figures with hands on their hips and their arms in the air, their funny 2D tweets, and their status updates.

If you are inside your phone while you’re “getting away” you are not even on the airplane — I DON’T CARE. Technically, I already know where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with and what food you’re eating. I didn’t need to go to the far side of the Santa Monica pier to feel like I was already there…

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