O captain! My Captain!

I just finished dead poet’s society. I’ve been meaning to watch it for the longest time and since I’ve accomplished what I wanted to do today, hey why not. That movie is one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen in a long while. The casting of the characters is impeccable, the cinematography so flawless (really makes me curse that singapore is in the tropics)

But obviously the thing that shone through the rest was the message behind the film. Probably every teen that has run into a wall, hated something in their life but was powerless to change it can relate to the show. Adults underestimate us. We’re dumb, foolish in their minds, too immature to think for ourselves that we have to conform to whatever it is they want to mold us into.

And we, lack the power ( and maybe the resources) to get out of the labyrinth of suffering that we seem to be perpetually caught in. The only thing we have is this one life- some of us clinging by a thread. And so, if we’re backed into a corner, that’s the one thing we really have control over.

And to be honest, I’ve felt like utter crap for the past few years, who knows how many times I’ve thought about how nice it would be to sleep forever. I’ve always thought that phrases like ‘it gets better’ were in a sense, utter bs. Because it doesn’t make things any better at the current moment, and if someone gets his hopes up too high, then they might come crashing back down- hard.

I have no idea what this post is about, there’s completely no direction to it. I suppose it’s just a random jumble of things in my head

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