Pickles and pasta

Yes that is a reference to B.A.P’s coffee shop, although I promised myself that I wouldn’t make this wordpress into a fangirl sort of thing. But hey, that song is jazz and it’s soothing for my soul. 

I’ve been meaning to blog for the longest time, but I can’t phrase the words properly. The flaws of writing fanfiction I suppose, every word has to be perfect.  

Lately it has been the time of the year where everybody turns into mindless zombies that cram information into their heads again I suppose. And yet, I find myself so distanced from it all. Don’t get me wrong, I get a panic attack every time I think about how close I am to being retained. Okay to be honest, maybe I’m lazy, maybe I can’t be bothered with life anymore. 

It is quite fucked up a system I think, to assume that we’re old enough to handle the immense stress that stems from all these exams ;everyone dying a little bit inside when they open up a book; and yet at the same time not qualifying us as adults who can do things independently. 

I have no idea where I get the strength to be this angsty. 

I can’t believe this but I’m actually enjoying revising maths then bio. Maths has rhythm, structure. Learn once and you’ll know how to do all of the questions (probably), whilst bio just seem like really bad cough medicine being roughly shoved into your mouth ( or brain in this context)

And I suppose this was my obligatory FML WHY IS EOYS IN LESS THAN A WEEK rant.

I shall go back to being unproductive now 

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