Burn up in your atmosphere

It’s 1:32 am. I’ve just finished making my bio notes. Before people start freaking out about why I’m doing this on a saturday (oh sunday), I was out the whole night so I am feeling guilty. Besides, I doubt I could sleep if I tried. 

It’s not the first time I’ve tried something like this anyway. I’ve stayed up till 4 in the morning simply reading and listening to good music before. There’s something about staying up in the night doing nothing that appeals to me. It’s truly my time. No people, no social interactions. Just quality literature and music notes. 

I like being alone.I have no problems being by myself. But I will start feeling conflicted if I see people being together laughing. I suppose that’s what everybody feels though, isn’t it? 

I am in desperate need of more good reads. I really should try and see where I can get quality books at affordable prices. 

Isn’t it so sad when a class claps and cheers when they find out a teacher won’t be coming? I suppose it says something about the quality of the teacher, truly. I would be so in love with the subject, but she went and screwed it up for me. And probably the whole class as well. 

I’ve heard that other classes did things like talk about gay rights and feminism during our lessons. What do we do? Spend a whole lesson trying to find out a essay topic that we’ve done a thousand times before. 

Shouldn’t GP be the lesson that inspires us the most? Makes our brains unclog and let something click so we can write brilliant, witty essays? 

With the current state of things, give me a political magazine any day. I would learn so much more from it. 

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