Say goodnight our first goodbye

I think about the most random of things on the bus and I’ll tell myself thrice that I need to remember this so I can blog about it, but whenever the screen is before me, the words never seem to come out right

Probably a writer’s thing. Have I ever told anyone about my embarrassing past as a storyteller? and at that writing course. Somehow I just did well at it. And it was planned I feel, somehow that I would get back into storytelling (sort of) by stumbling upon fanfiction and then having ideas that I wanted to be told my way. 

Just look at the number or draft files I have on my computer, all stories left halfway when the passion for them died. I’m going to make the current one work. I promise. Although it may be pretty short. But then again even if it’s completed I’ll probably not feel comfortable showing it to whoever asks. Personal accomplishment I suppose.

Yeah, whoever thinks that by coming to this wordpress they’ll get to hear about what I do and where I went to play etc. You’re kinda wrong. The majority of my wordpress is going to be like this. Random musings when the thoughts inside my head are just exploding out.


Bio prac can go kill itself like what on earth is the format. Man I am totally not ready for real life… can’t I go back to Thursday night and stay there forever. I have nothing to look forward now to. At least when the concert was there, as shallow as it may be, it acted as a sort of end goal to drag myself through the days with. Now, 35 days left and all that I see is bleakness of CTs and probable retention. 

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