Warning: fangirl post


Today was such a perfect day I swear, it totally made up for the fact that actually getting the tickets was such a hassle. The nerves set in around 2 when I realised that they were giving out fancards at the venue, it hit me that omg this is really happening. Headed down there and it was utter chaos there. got a few stuff they were giving out and the lightstick ( i swear the matoki ocean is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen) went into the venue pretty early, thank god people didn’t stand through most of the show- i bet it was cos the seats were comfy


They started the concert witth warrior and I swear they were so good looking like asdfghjkl. The sound system was superb and they totally sounded better live! Warrior, no mercy and omg the introductions part was freaking hilarious. Dae  kept going, okay let’s go! which was so cute and the fans were all chanting out the names of the members. I’m sorry but zelo sucks at gwiyomi HAHA.


ALL THE DUO PARTS WERE SO NICE! then banghim’s sexy clap /swoons/


EHHHHHHHHHHH  they sang goodbye when there was like half an hour left and i was thinking that it couldn’t possibly be but then they left for so long and I admit I panicked a bit.. Goodbye was so sad and happy and perfect and all my feels for them rushed up at the moment.

but nope they came back and did like songs with a ton of fanservice aka kisses and hearts and what not. and i bet yongguk can open a tigger museum by the time the tour ends.


it was so perfect really and I got to hear what I really wanted- it’s stupid but I was really looking forward to hearing their greeting/ ending and they said it and i died a little inside.


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