We hurricane

Great.. people found my blog. I said I’ll blog but there’s nothing much to talk about actually. There’s a long holiday this week, looking forward to going out with friends and the concert. It hasn’t actually hit me in the face that I’ll be seeing them live. The slow snail me will probably only let it sink in on that day itself. Dayum though, Cat 2 only. It kind of feels unfair that we could probably have gotten Cat 1… 

Have I mentioned how much I dislike people who back out at the last minute…. Long story short, don’t offer to do such a big favour if you can’t eventually uphold your end of the bargain. 

What a waste of my life this lesson is… when was the last time anything productive was ever accomplished during this lesson. Looking around the classroom, there’s not a single person who’s doing what they’re actually supposed to be doing – in part thanks to the inefficiency of our tutor as well. 

I’ve decided that having a bucket list is useless because I’m probably not going to end up accomplishing even half of the things on the list. 



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