There’s bio SPA tomorrow and I really ought to be studying but I need to get this of my chest real quick. To me, there’s possibly nothing worse (school- wise) then getting a teacher who’s incompetent as fuck.

Anyone who knows me will know that I was honestly debating between taking Elit and Econs last year. And I chose econs (…meh okay decision) and so, obviously GP is the closest possible thing to Elit, and I thought that I would enjoy the lessons this year, because judging from what seniors had said, they would be thought provoking. 

And yet, every time I see her walk into the class, my interest just dies a bit more. And I feel it’s totally not worth it to hate a subject just because of a teacher, but she’s the one relaying the supposed information to us… and my one hour of GP lesson was spent learning absolutely NOTHING today. 

What’s more… she’s probably the slowest f**king thing ever. I gave her my VIA slip weeks ago, and she still hasn’t keyed it in?? Great if I’m going to get shouted at tomorrow, I’m just going to shove the cert in their face. It’s not my fault I got the most incompetent teacher ever. I’m listening to Nell and I still manage to rage.. shows how much I dislike her. 



A Girl Who Writes

Thought Catalog

Find a girl who writes. Find a girl who has no idea where she is going in life because the only thing she understands about the world is that sometimes if you put one beautiful word beside another beautiful word you can create a beautiful sentence that melds into beautiful chapters of beautiful books that might change at least one person’s life. Find a girl who lives for that one person, the one person that will read her beautiful words and feel a sudden lightness on their shoulders. Find a girl who works at a job she hates so she can do the thing she loves. Find a girl who knows sacrifice.

Find a girl who makes it hard to love her Find a girl who demands the best because its all her romance-riddled mind can comprehend. Build her a castle in the sky, move a mountain for her, smile…

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11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

Thought Catalog

The relationship between words and their meaning is a fascinating one, and linguists have spent countless years deconstructing it, taking it apart letter by letter, and trying to figure out why there are so many feelings and ideas that we cannot even put words to, and that our languages cannot identify. Visit Maptia for more interesting posts.

The idea that words cannot always say everything has been written about extensively – as Friedrich Nietzsche said:

Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon the absolute truth.

No doubt the best book we’ve read that covers the subject is ‘Through The Language Glass‘ by Guy Deutscher, which goes a long way to explaining and understanding these loopholes – the gaps which mean there are leftover words without translations, and concepts that cannot be properly explained across cultures.

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A Few Days Before Leaving

Understanding Weakness

The last two years have

been something like a

blur, growing, associating

feelings with objects.

Emotions stored inside

songs playing on mute

inside subconscious.

Sounds shift

as if they

were entire lives

in and

of themselves.

Music ebbs then

flows into

seas of passing

images which will disappear

for forever.

The waves

were significant only when

there was impact with the

sand which makes up myself.

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Burn up in your atmosphere

It’s 1:32 am. I’ve just finished making my bio notes. Before people start freaking out about why I’m doing this on a saturday (oh sunday), I was out the whole night so I am feeling guilty. Besides, I doubt I could sleep if I tried. 

It’s not the first time I’ve tried something like this anyway. I’ve stayed up till 4 in the morning simply reading and listening to good music before. There’s something about staying up in the night doing nothing that appeals to me. It’s truly my time. No people, no social interactions. Just quality literature and music notes. 

I like being alone.I have no problems being by myself. But I will start feeling conflicted if I see people being together laughing. I suppose that’s what everybody feels though, isn’t it? 

I am in desperate need of more good reads. I really should try and see where I can get quality books at affordable prices. 

Isn’t it so sad when a class claps and cheers when they find out a teacher won’t be coming? I suppose it says something about the quality of the teacher, truly. I would be so in love with the subject, but she went and screwed it up for me. And probably the whole class as well. 

I’ve heard that other classes did things like talk about gay rights and feminism during our lessons. What do we do? Spend a whole lesson trying to find out a essay topic that we’ve done a thousand times before. 

Shouldn’t GP be the lesson that inspires us the most? Makes our brains unclog and let something click so we can write brilliant, witty essays? 

With the current state of things, give me a political magazine any day. I would learn so much more from it. 

Circus Town

Just finished EOM. It feels good to strike something off my impossibly long list of things to do.

Honestly, I don’t really know why I’m rushing ahead all the time as well. I think the change came after year 3. When I  had felt that there was  a possibility that I would not make it to the next year. So somehow it just translated into my constant pressure for doing things on time.

A change of topic but sometimes I feel like I’d rather live in a bygone era, without phones and whatnot, Sure the internet is nice and makes things ten times faster… but it’s precisely of it’s speed that I feel that I could be suffocating at times. Every other day there’s some new fad coming up, and it’s such a pain to go and explore it.

If I could I would curl up somewhere with books, food and maybe classical music and read and draw all day, That is my ideal version of a day well spent. I’m not the kind of person who has the stamina to take on one surprise after another anyway.

Speaking of the title, I realized that I really want to go see another circus in my lifetime. There aren’t any in Singapore- not that I know of anyway, and the last one I went to was years ago. So yeah, that’s one more thing to add to my bucket list. Here’s to life after RV

Say goodnight our first goodbye

I think about the most random of things on the bus and I’ll tell myself thrice that I need to remember this so I can blog about it, but whenever the screen is before me, the words never seem to come out right

Probably a writer’s thing. Have I ever told anyone about my embarrassing past as a storyteller? and at that writing course. Somehow I just did well at it. And it was planned I feel, somehow that I would get back into storytelling (sort of) by stumbling upon fanfiction and then having ideas that I wanted to be told my way. 

Just look at the number or draft files I have on my computer, all stories left halfway when the passion for them died. I’m going to make the current one work. I promise. Although it may be pretty short. But then again even if it’s completed I’ll probably not feel comfortable showing it to whoever asks. Personal accomplishment I suppose.

Yeah, whoever thinks that by coming to this wordpress they’ll get to hear about what I do and where I went to play etc. You’re kinda wrong. The majority of my wordpress is going to be like this. Random musings when the thoughts inside my head are just exploding out.


Bio prac can go kill itself like what on earth is the format. Man I am totally not ready for real life… can’t I go back to Thursday night and stay there forever. I have nothing to look forward now to. At least when the concert was there, as shallow as it may be, it acted as a sort of end goal to drag myself through the days with. Now, 35 days left and all that I see is bleakness of CTs and probable retention. 


Warning: fangirl post


Today was such a perfect day I swear, it totally made up for the fact that actually getting the tickets was such a hassle. The nerves set in around 2 when I realised that they were giving out fancards at the venue, it hit me that omg this is really happening. Headed down there and it was utter chaos there. got a few stuff they were giving out and the lightstick ( i swear the matoki ocean is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen) went into the venue pretty early, thank god people didn’t stand through most of the show- i bet it was cos the seats were comfy


They started the concert witth warrior and I swear they were so good looking like asdfghjkl. The sound system was superb and they totally sounded better live! Warrior, no mercy and omg the introductions part was freaking hilarious. Dae  kept going, okay let’s go! which was so cute and the fans were all chanting out the names of the members. I’m sorry but zelo sucks at gwiyomi HAHA.


ALL THE DUO PARTS WERE SO NICE! then banghim’s sexy clap /swoons/


EHHHHHHHHHHH  they sang goodbye when there was like half an hour left and i was thinking that it couldn’t possibly be but then they left for so long and I admit I panicked a bit.. Goodbye was so sad and happy and perfect and all my feels for them rushed up at the moment.

but nope they came back and did like songs with a ton of fanservice aka kisses and hearts and what not. and i bet yongguk can open a tigger museum by the time the tour ends.


it was so perfect really and I got to hear what I really wanted- it’s stupid but I was really looking forward to hearing their greeting/ ending and they said it and i died a little inside.


C’mon follow my trail

Went out with the b-to-b today, (I’ve decided to call them that because it sounds cooler).

went to scape to hang out, and it’s been the most fun I’ve had in such a long while. After endless days of mundane studying, finally getting to have a bit of rest.. even though the rest of the days will probably have to be spent studying.

Anyway, we went to kbox and I was sitting at a seat that could face everybody, so halfway through a song I decided to turn around for some reason.  And as I was looking at all of their faces looking at the screen, I realized how lucky I was to have a group of friends like them.

How do I even begin to describe this crazy group of people that drive me up the wall but I still love all the same anyway… It’s just kind of sad that we only became close only as we were changing classes. But maybe it’s the separation that’s working it’s magic upon us as well. We treasure each other more.

And that’s why after taking photos I was mentioning to them that actually it’s quite fortunate that all of us aren’t attached – otherwise I get the feeling that all of us might not have that much time to do these kind of things together.

Honestly, you guys are the best.

in other news, B.A.P concert tmr asdfghjkl the nerves finally hit me just now in the restaurant that I’ll be seeing them live. That’s one thing I can cross of my bucket list.