Put on your war paint

Officially got the last paper of the term today. One phrase to describe the entire CT experience – crash and burn. What I knew I wouldn’t do well in – well obviously it came through. 

The papers that I thought I would be okay in – well guess what, no such luck. Still managed to screw them up miraculously. 

Okay, really what is going on with me. I should have done better, I know I could have. But then again I suppose there’s no point crying over spoiled milk. Just got to keep on moving. 

I sound like one of those motivational tracks that I abhor. 

But seriously though, there’s nothing much I can do anyway, what with me being this age. I know, it’s such a pathetic excuse… 


Waking up to ash and dust

I took a long hiatus from wordpress (mainly because it wasn’t cooperating with me), but I decided to come back and give it a second go. Oh wow whatever thoughts that I wanted to  fervently blog about during the day just left me…

Ah yes it came back.

I’d say that it isn’t that I would not want to live anymore, life still has plenty of good things ( i suppose) but it’s just that I feel like there’s a big gap in between the good things and I just don’t know what to fill up the gaps with.

Plenty of times I’ve set in lectures and thought,

why am I doing this?

I just don’t see the meaning of storing all these knowledge just till a particular test date, only until a certain test and then finding that all the information is lost to the recesses of the mind again. Everything that we do nowadays is planning for the future. Living in the present is a lost concept.